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Life of Tree Madhubani Art

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The Tree of Life motif shows all the components of life in perfect balance. Animals, birds, and trees all rely on one another for survival. This hand-painted Madhubani piece of art beautifully captures a melodic harmony of well-formed shapes, vibrant coloured fillings, and complicated patterns. In Madhubani paintings, birds are used to symbolize fertility, protection, and strength as well as immortality, departed souls, and spirit messengers. Flowers can symbolise a wide range of emotions and sensations, from love, passion, and desire to purity, innocence, and even death, depending on whether they are used as the main focus or as background details.

Size: 11″ x 18″ (Width x Height) inches

Material: Handmade paper without a frame.

Disclaimer: This product has been handcrafted and may have slight irregularities that are a natural outcome of human involvement in the process.

Shipping Information: The product is shipped within 10 to 15 working days of order information.

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